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Schermafbeelding 5 2021-03-24 152719
Schermafbeelding 5 2021-03-24 152719

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The membes of the board of the foundation


Name: Geert Hendrikx

Position: Secretary

Favourite book: Kieft from Michel van Edmond

Harry van Heijst, AVS.JPG

Name: Harry van Heijst

Position: Vice Chairman

Favourite book: De vuurduivel from Joh. Ram

Martin Huizinga .jpg

Name: Martin Huizinga

Position: Boardmember

Favourite book: Op leven en dood from Anna Blaman


Name: Bill Steenks

Position: Chairman

Favourite book: Dag en Nacht from J.A. Deelder


Name: Jan Vissers

Position: Advisor

Favourite book: Als je het licht niet kunt zien from Anthony Doerr

Name: Wilma Haak

Position: Treasurer

Favourite book:

Our Volunteers

We have a lot of volunteers, which help us in different positions. We have 50 volunteers who are helping with collecting, rubricizing and sorting the books.

Other 20 volunteers are helping with putting books online on our webshops weekly.

And another 100 volunteers who are helping during the book fair.

Reward policy

The members and volunteers of the foundation do not receive any rewards only when they have travel expenses these are paid for them.

We do nothave any employees, they are all working voluntary.

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