What happens to the books after the fair?

All books are sorted again. Books are also made available for special purposes, such as:


  • The "Read to Grow" foundation

  • Special Projects:

  • The remainder books that have been rejected before, goes to waste paper. The proceeds from this (more than 10,000 euros per year) go to 'small' causes.

How did you get all these books?

Predominantly, we receive books from private donations, but also from institutions (e.g. schools, homes, monasteries, libraries), bookstores, antiquarian bookstores, moving companies and many others.

Where can I buy your books online?

You can buy a few of our books in two of our webshops by following the links down below:




What payment options do I have in the Webshops?

You have the following options:


  • Paypal

  • Credit card


  • Paypal


What about our location?commodati

Sales area:

Anual large book and record fair. 

1st free weekend in January. Since 2008 at the Blariacum College School in Blerick.


Work and storage space:

Storage buildings in Steyl.


Anyone who can help us with a minimum of 750 m2 of work space, makes a colossal contribution to our future charities in the third world!

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